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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Modern approach in therapy of brain edema in cerebral ischemia.

Modern approach in therapy of brain edema in cerebral ischemia.

August 2012


City Institute for Emergency Medical Care, Belgrade, Serbia.


Based on the national data register in Serbia, every 20 min a person develops acute stroke, and every 60 min one dies of the same disease. Studies have shown that during the first 24-40 hours patients develop cytotoxic brain edema and increased intracranial pressure. Up-to-date therapeutic concept must take into consideration possible pathophysiogical processes, so that antiedematous therapy becomes an unavoidable segment of this program. The paper presents a female patient who had cerebral ischemia outof- hospital to develop brain edema three years later. The diagnostic and therapeutic approach to this problem was in accordance with the National Guidelines for Brain Ischemic Disease.

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