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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Remember, this was the week with the date 06/06/06??
With only an hours notice GoDaddy, our fee-paid host of Lymphedema
People abruptly decided our forums were gobbling up too much space,
so they shut them down.

As a result, we had to put in completely new ones.

But, it takes more then lymphedema, lymphoma or GoDaddy to slow us
down and...

THE NEW FORUMS ARE UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our new forums represent a significant upgrade with many new
features, upgraded security and abilities. There are a number of
new forums that we have added (including one for cancer) and many familiar ones like our children's forum, advocacy and more.

If you were a member of our old forums, we would love to have you
continue with our family.

Please go ahead and reregister. We were hoping to automatically
transfer membership, but that may be more problematic then we

If you have never joined us there, come, share the excitement as we
move forward with the most comprehensive website on the internet for
lymphedema and lymphatic conditions.

I will be working feverishly this weekend to see that all the
articles of the old forums are in place again.

In the meantime look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

Lymphedema People

My Best to All!!!!