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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Edema of the Face

Related terms: Facial swelling, facial swelling, facial edema, puffy face, neck lymphedema, lymphedema of the neck

Important: If you have any type of facial and/or neck edema that interferes with your ability to breathe, you must go quickly to your local emergency room or urgent care center.


Diagnosis, like treatment will focus on the causative factor. Included in the work up will a history and physical examination. Blood tests and cultures may be indicated. For long term facial edema radiological tests may be ordered.


The most common cause of facial swelling is a reaction to a specific allergen. Other causes include sinusitis, conjunctivitis (eye), facial injury or trauma, infections, stye (hordeolum - eye), drugs (allergic reaction), insect bites and dental abscesses.

Special Considerations:

If there are no external signs or reasons for the facial edema, an internal serious medical condition may be indicated. Special concerns requiring immediate intervention include unknown painless facial swelling, bloody nasal discharge, orbital cellulitis and paratoid swelling with palsey. (1)


The most serious and life threatening complication can be anaphylatcic shock. Other complications if caused by infection can be spreading of the infection into other body areas or even sepsis.


As with most cases of edema, treatment will focus on the causative factor. Home treatment may include cold packs to the affected area. Medication to relieve allergic reactions, antibiotics in situations of infections, subsequent treatment of injuries.

Edema of the Face

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